The XLERPLATE® steel range of hot-rolled plate products is synonymous with a guarantee of quality and consistency. Manufactured by BlueScope, XLERPLATE® steel boasts a broad range of products and sizes available on short, flexible lead times.

The brand brings with it access to BlueScope's advanced technical support service, which has been working with Australian manufacturing industries for over 50 years.

XLERPLATE® steel is available in a range of structural products, boiler and pressure vessel products, and analysis and counterweight products. XLERPLATE® steel consists of standard and custom specifications, allowing you to enjoy a one-stop shop for a vast range of applications such as mining equipment, storage tanks, wind towers, bridges and structural steel for building constructions.

Some projects require tailored solutions. The custom plate range is available on relatively short lead times, allowing you to start your projects as soon as possible. If you require an even-further customised solution, special-purpose grades are available by enquiry, allowing you to develop unique properties to meet your specific requirements.

Access to our technical team means you have access to steel experts that can assist you with material selection and provide product application guidance, to ensure you select the appropriate grade for your manufacturing requirements.

XLERPLATE® steel is a high quality product that can be traced back to its origin providing peace of mind via:

  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Management Systems Certification (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Conformance to relevant Australian Standards
  • Comprehensive Test Certificates
  • ACRS certification and ATIC Scheme 10 compliance for products with specific requirements

For all the details relating to the products and other technical information, please download the relevant datasheet.

Product Range

XLERPLATE® steel used in petroleum storage
Structural Products

A range of steel plate grades for use in structural applications.

Grade 7-490AL50 modified XLERPLATE® steel has gone into construction of propane vessels, which were designed by WE Smith
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Products

Specially designed grades for boiler and pressure vessel applications.

XLERPLATE® steel - Analysis Grades and Counterweight Products
Analysis Grades and Counterweight Products

Grades to meet specific chemical composition or broad chemical analysis.