XLERPLATE® steel - Boiler and Pressure Vessel Products

XLERPLATE® steel boiler and pressure vessel grades are a range of specially designed plate products using a fully killed, fine grained carbon-manganese steel. These products are produced in a number of supply conditions, including hot-rolling and normalising.

Designed to provide guaranteed design strengths, guaranteed low-temperature properties and excellent weldability and formability, as these are critical for these applications.

Guaranteed minimum strength and design strengths are available as per AS 1210-2010 (R2021) across four different supply conditions. In addition, grades with elevated temperature properties or guaranteed low-temperature properties are also available. 

Some XLERPLATE® steel's boiler and pressure vessels are recognised in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel codes.

For all the details relating to the product and other technical information please download the relevant datasheet. For custom sizes please refer to XLERPLATE® steel Schedule 4.

Grade* Thickness Range (mm) Availability Low Temperature Availability**
PT430T 5mm ONLY 2400mm x 5mm x 9m
Only one standard size available
PT460N 10mm - 100mm By enquiry only L20, L40
PT460NR 8mm - 100mm Available in standard sizes
Outside standard sizes refer to XLERPLATE® steel Schedule 4
L0, L20
PT460NRA 8mm – 100mm Refer to XLERPLATE® steel Schedule 4
NRAL0 - By enquiry only
L0, L20
PT460T 6mm - 80mm By enquiry only L0, L20, L40, L50
PT490N 10mm - 100mm By enquiry only L20, L40, L50
PT490NR 10mm - 60mm By enquiry only L20, L40, L50
PT490NRA 10mm – 100mm By enquiry only L20, L40, L50
PT490T 6mm - 60mm By enquiry only L20, L40, L50
PT540T 10mm - 40mm By enquiry only L20, L40, L50

* The grades are available in the following supply conditions – NR (Normalised Rolled), N (Normalised), T (Thermo-mechanically Rolled) and NRA (Normalised Rolled, but tested in the Normalised condition). An explanation of the grade names and supply conditions is available on the Understanding Australian Boiler and Pressure Vessel Grades and Terminology article.

** Not all Low Temperature Impact tested grades are available in all thicknesses. Boiler and Pressure Vessel grades with Through Thickness Tensile requirements (Z grades) are also available on enquiry.