XLERPLATE® steel - Analysis Grades and Counterweight Products

XLERPLATE® steel's analysis grades and the counterweight grade consist of grades that are supplied to meet specific chemical compositions. Both products are supplied with no guaranteed mechanical properties.

XLERPLATE® steel analysis grades are available in two grades; A1006 steel grade is a low-carbon grade typically used in galvanising kettles and electromagnet cores, while the K1042 grade is a heat-treatable plate grade for general engineering applications, where improved abrasion and wear properties are obtained on heat treatment.

Analysis grades are manufactured to relevant Australian Standards.

The counterweight grade is used for cranes and vehicles and not recommended for structural applications, not supplied to a specific standard and no test certificates are available for this product.

For all the details relating to the product and other technical information please download the relevant datasheet.

Grade Thickness Range (mm) Availability Edge Condition Impacted Tested Availability
AS/NZS 3678 -  A1006 8 - 180 By enquiry only Untrimmed N/A
AS/NZS 3678 - K1042 10 - 100 Standard sizes
Other sizes by enquiry only
Untrimmed N/A
Counterweight 10 - 250 By enquiry only Untrimmed N/A