XLERPLATE® steel - Structural Products

XLERPLATE® steel structural products consist of a range of medium and high-strength plate products with varying nominal yield strengths. Available in standard and custom sizes with guaranteed impact properties for applications where higher toughness is required, allowing a tailored solution for your project.

The benefits of XLERPLATE® steel structural grades are guaranteed minimum strength levels and excellent weldability. Medium-strength grades exhibit excellent formability while high-strength grades exhibit good formability. XLERPLATE® steel’s structural products adhere to strict compliance to all relevant Australian Standards and certification in accordance with ACRS and ATIC Scheme 10.

Floorplate, with a raised pattern on one surface, is available in this range. In addition, the XLERPLATE® steel range encompasses products designed for use on laser-profiling machines. XLERPLATE® steel’s Lasercut 250 and 350 steel grades are designed with a modified chemistry and manufacturing process to improve laser cutting.

Manufactured to meet relevant Australian Standards including AS/NZS 3678:2016.

For all the details relating to the products and other technical information, please download the relevant datasheet.

AS/NZS 3678:2016 Thickness range (mm) Availability Edge Condition Impacted Testing Availability (L15, L20)*
Grade 250 5 - 150 Standard sizes
Outside standard sizes, refer to Custom Range
> 115mm By enquiry
Trimmed / Untrimmed 8mm - 100mm, by enquiry
Grade 250 Floorplate 6 -12 Standard sizes Untrimmed By enquiry
Grade 300 8 - 80 By enquiry only Trimmed / Untrimmed 8mm - 40mm, by enquiry
Grade 350 5 - 100 Standard sizes
Outside standard sizes, refer to Custom Range
>80mm by enquiry
Trimmed / Untrimmed 8mm - 100mm
Grade 400 10 - 80 By enquiry only Trimmed / Untrimmed 10mm - 80mm
Grade 450 10 - 50 By enquiry only Trimmed 10mm - 40mm

* Further impact testing options - L40, Y20, Y40 by enquiry. Tolerances as per AS/NZS 1365:1996; Ultrasonic Inspection as per AS 1710-2007. Through Thickness Tensile tested grades (Z grades) are also available by enquiry.