TRUECORE® steel with Activate® technology is designed for structural framing. It is strong and durable, 100% termite and borer proof, won’t catch on fire and allows for wide spans and design flexibility.

TRUECORE® steel is designed to be fabricated into light-gauge steel framing specifically for use in single and multi-storey residential and commercial structural framing applications.

Building frames made from TRUECORE® steel have an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for long spans and flexible designs to suit today’s modern design trends and the steel is 100% recyclable. The lightweight nature of the frames allows for efficient installation and may be available with pre-punched service holes making it easy for follow-on trades.

With its distinctive blue resin finish, TRUECORE® steel is durable and resilient, with BlueScope’s industry-leading metallic coating, incorporating Activate® technology, to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.

TRUECORE® steel is strong and durable, straight and true so it won’t shrink, twist or warp over time, meaning there’s less chance of sticking windows, jammed doors and wavy roof lines.

TRUECORE® steel is available in G450, G500 and G550 structural grades, and conforms to relevant Australian Standards AS 1397:2021 and AS/NZS 1365:1996 (R2016) and is backed by BlueScope warranties1.

For thickness range by steel grade and other technical information please download the relevant TRUECORE® steel datasheet.

  1. Warranty currently offered for residential applications only and is subject to application and eligibility criteria. Commercial warranties may be available on application. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building for a warranty, please visit the BlueScope warranty website or contact BlueScope on 1800 800 789. Warranties provided by BlueScope do not affect consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law.