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The cladding is BlueScope XLERPLATE LITE™ HW350 steel, custom folded using the sheet dimensions. The sheets are held together using horizontal welded joints, in this case butt joints, with a flashing to allow for expansion.
  • Offices & Workplaces
  • Facades and Canopies
  • Sustainability
The new Deakin University Burwood pedestrian bridge uses REDCOR® weathering steel to deliver a practical, paint-free structure requiring minimal maintenance compared with conventional structural steel.
  • Bridges
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Universities
  • Sustainability
The cladding, made from REDCOR® weathering steel in the steel grade HW350A, was also chosen to give the building a striking identity, and for its low maintenance requirements.
  • Multi-Residential
  • Accommodation & Hotels
  • Facades and Canopies