Video: Building Over Air Rights with Structural Steel

Engineers Australia, in partnership with BlueScope, is delighted to have presented a webinar on building over air rights with structural steel. We are pleased to share the recorded webinar with you.

With increased density in our cities, developers are exploring alternative construction methods and expanding beyond the confines of the allotted footprint, to secure and capitalise on property rights for the airspace above.

The webinar is suitable for civil, structural, and infrastructure engineers from all fields and disciplines. The presentation focused on the innovative construction methods used in two prominent projects, 405 Bourke Street and 80 Collins Street. These projects demonstrate how cantilevered designs have successfully overcome the challenges of building on heritage sites while maximising floorspace.

The webinar delved into the design, engineering, and construction processes involved in these projects. It highlighted how the implementation of cantilevered mega truss-centred designs enabled construction above the heritage buildings. The use of steel as a structural material was emphasised, showcasing its ability to support and cantilever the upper levels of high-rise buildings, effectively utilising the airspace above. The unique properties of steel were explored, demonstrating how it enabled outcomes that would otherwise be unattainable. Additionally, the presentation explored the creation of lighter weight levels through the use of welded beams, columns and composite slab design.

The webinar highlights the importance of collaboration between designers, engineers, fabricators, and builders in achieving the overall design objectives of these projects.


Five keynote presenters shared their knowledge and experience:

  • Zac Hankin, Principal Structural Engineer, AECOM
  • Jack Withers, Structural Engineer, Robert Bird
  • Enzo Padovani - Senior Structures Manager, Multiplex
  • Ron Kandell - Managing Director, GFC Industries Pty Ltd
  • Spiros Dallas - National Engineer Business Development, BlueScope

Watch the webinar now to gain valuable insights into building over air rights with structural steel.



BlueScope + Engineers Australia - June 2023