Other painted products

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BlueScope manufactures many products to cater for different segments and applications. A suite of other painted products have been specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in the manufacturing sector.

  • Rainwater Tanks: AQUAPLATE® steel developed by BlueScope, is a laminate consisting of a zinc-coated formable steel and a specially formulated polymer film, designed to meet the AS/NZS 4020:2018 requirements necessary for the storage of drinking water.
  • Steel Drums: DRUMSTOCK® prepainted steel is specifically designed for the manufacture of steel drums. The coated surface is suitable for storing certain chemically active materials. Typically, this product is utilised for transport and storage of products such as fruit pulps, dairy products and detergents.
  • Hot Water Systems: This exterior grade product is specifically designed for use as hot water system wrappers.
  • Exterior Manufactured Articles: A product particularly designed to assist with outdoor durability and formability, typically used in hot water wrappers, air conditioner panels and garden sheds.
  • General Manufactured Articles: A product designed for a range of general manufactured articles for interior use.
  • Interior Furniture and Shelving: A specifically designed product for interior manufactured articles such as interior furniture, office equipment, shelving.
  • Sign Writing Panels: A product particularly designed for the sign writing industry that is a durable, mar-resistant, high gloss product.
  • Superior Gloss Articles: A specifically designed product to provide a durable, mar-resistant, high-quality surface for non-critical interior appliance products such as laundry cabinets, light fittings and commercial refrigeration shells.

For product and technical information, please refer to the relevant datasheet.