TRU-SPEC® steel

Designed with laser-profiling in mind, TRU-SPEC® steel is rolled as coil on our hot strip mill and then cut-to-length using stretch-levelling technology to remove shape defects and at the same time remove the imbalance of internal stresses.

Providing excellent flatness to help improve cutting and processing efficiency, TRU-SPEC® steel behaves consistently when cutting and stamping. TRU-SPEC® steel is 'memory-free', meaning it is less likely to flex-up and jam or damage the laser cutter. Paper packaging also protects the surface during transport and storage, ensuring excellent surface quality. This is particularly important in applications such as structural members, roll-forming applications, brake-press applications, trailer and automotive components, and light poles and general fabrications.

TRU-SPEC® steel is available in a range of structural products, a formable and an analysis product.

The structural grades are manufactured with guaranteed minimum strength levels and various levels of weldability, formability and ductility. The structural steel grades are used in a wide variety of applications such as light structural members, brake press forming applications, light poles, trailer and automotive components, general fabrication and galvanising applications.

Floorplate, a product with a raised pattern is available as part of the structural product range typically used in a number of trailer and walkway applications.

Structural Grades Thickness Range (mm) Width Range (mm) Plate Length Range (m)
HA200 3 - 12.7 Up to 1550 1.2 - 12.0
HA250 3 - 16 Up to 1550 1.2 - 12.0
HA250 Floorplate 2.1 - 8 900, 1200, 1500 1.2 - 12.0
HA300 3 - 12.7 Up to 1550 1.2 - 12.0
HA350 3 - 12.7 Up to 1550 1.2 - 12.0

The formable grade HA1 is a product with moderate formability designed to be used in applications where structural strength is not a consideration such as brake press applications, general fabrication and components.

Formable Grade Thickness Range (mm) Width Range (mm) Plate Length Range (m)
HA1 3 - 12.7 Up to 1550 1.2 - 12.0

The analysis grade HK1042 is sold on the basis of its chemical composition only. This grade is generally used in applications that require improved wear resistance, such as concrete mixer barrels.

Analysis Grade Thickness Range (mm) Width Range (mm) Plate Length Range (m)
HK1042 3 - 8 1400 1.2 - 12.0

Manufactured by BlueScope, TRU-SPEC® steel conforms to the relevant Australian Standard AS/NZS 1594:2002.

All product is supplied in the Mill Edge condition. For thickness requirements greater than 16mm please refer to Lasercut 250 and 350, available in the XLERPLATE® steel range.

Note that not all grades are available in all thickness-width combinations. TRU-SPEC® steel products are available in a wide range of standard sizes. Non-standard sizes may be available by enquiry.

For all the details relating to the product and other technical information please download the relevant datasheet.