Welded Beams & Columns

BlueScope’s welded beams and columns are known for their size and strength. They are designed to hold large loads in critical projects such as bridges, high-rise buildings, shopping centres, car parks, stadiums and mining infrastructure.

BlueScope’s welded beams and columns are manufactured from XLERPLATE® steel. A fully automatic submerged arc-welding process is implemented to ensure quality and consistency. BlueScope offers a wide range of standard beam and column sizes, with 41 standard sections and length increments of 1.5m. 

Available in four standard steel grades (300, 300L15, 400 and 400L15) manufactured to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3679.2:2016 and AS 1554.1:2014 SP Category (welding standard). To maximise design efficiency on your project, custom-sized beams and pre-cambered options are also available by enquiry. 

Providing you peace of mind via the ability to identify and trace your product back to its origin. BlueScope also have a number of initiatives to ensure compliance:

  • ISO Quality Management Systems Certification (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Manufactured by BlueScope and conform to relevant Australian Standards
  • Comprehensive test certificates
  • Compliance via ACRS certification and ATIC Scheme 10

Access to our business development and technical teams means you have access to steel experts that can assist you with material selection and provide product application guidance, to ensure you select the appropriate grade for your next project.

Product Range

Dimension Welded Beams Welded Columns
Flange thickness (mm) 16 - 40 28 - 40
Web thickness (mm) 10 - 16 20 - 40
Flange width (mm) 250 - 500 350 - 500
Web height (mm) 660 - 1120 275 - 400
Length (m) 9.0 - 36.0* 9.0 - 36.0*

*Lengths >18.0 metres available by enquiry

For other product and technical information, please refer to the brochure and relevant datasheet.