Supporting the ResponsibleSteel™ Standard

BlueScope takes pride in being a founding member of ResponsibleSteel™, the first global independent multi-stakeholder standard and certification program for the steel industry.

Our Port Kembla Steelworks (PKSW) in Australia received ResponsibleSteel™ certification in early 2022 and was the first site in the Asia Pacific region and the fourth steelmaker globally to achieve this recognition. This was followed by our Western Port Site in Victoria which achieved certification in October 2023. These certifications demonstrate the quality of our operations and how positively we seek to engage with our stakeholders, particularly our customers, suppliers, employees and our communities. With these certifications, BlueScope solidifies its position as a leader in sustainability within the steel sector.

We are pleased to be working with ResponsibleSteel™ to reduce the industry’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and ensure that steel is produced responsibly. We share the belief that getting to near net zero steel requires a global effort and we support the ResponsibleSteel™ Standard as it is:

  • Fair: Technology agnostic, geographically neutral, transparent, and collaborative
  • Comprehensive: Based on 13 governance, social, and environmental principles
  • Effective: Encourages ambitious sector-wide changes that will get us to near-zero steel

The global need for steel is growing and making steel from scrap is the most direct route to decarbonising the industry. Scrap steel is a very limited resource, with unequal availability around the world and this is why ResponsibleSteel™ uses a "sliding scale" approach to measuring progress – so that all steel producers are fairly and comprehensively assessed, and our collective innovations can help drive global change.

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BlueScope - July 2024