ZINC HI-TEN® steel

ZINC HI-TEN® steel products have been specifically designed with guaranteed yield strengths and excellent welding and painting to ensure your light gauge structural requirements are met. ZINC HI-TEN® steel is typically used in applications such as purlins, scaffolding, fencing posts and railings.

A hot dipped zinc-coated structural steel with a spangled or minimised-spangle surface, ZINC HI-TEN® steel is available in G450, G500 or G550 steel grades.

ZINC HI-TEN® steel is available with a thickness range between 0.3mm to 3.5mm1 and a standard coating mass of Z275, with other coating mass options available (Z200, Z450, Z600 by enquiry)1 to meet your corrosion resistance requirements. Skin pass is optional to improve surface quality depending on the application.

ZINC HI-TEN® steel conforms to the relevant Australian Standards AS/NZS 1365:1996 (R2016) and AS 1397:2021.

For thickness range and coating class by steel grade and other technical information please download the relevant ZINC HI-TEN® steel datasheet.

  1. Thickness range and coating mass options dependent on steel grade.