Designed for steel decking, BlueScope DECKFORM® steel is manufactured into permanent structural formwork which is used in the construction of suspended concrete slabs.

Structural formwork and steel decking products made from DECKFORM® steel may provide additional reinforcement by combining with the compressive strength of the concrete. As steel decking acts as permanent formwork, it may reduce the need for propping or temporary formwork saving both time and money.

A hot-dipped, zinc-coated structural steel, DECKFORM® steel is available with a zinc coating class of Z350 and Z450 to provide corrosion protection.

Low Glare Coated DECKFORM® steel, also known as LGC DECKFORM® steel is designed to reduce reflected light and glare during construction, whilst also trapping almost 90% of harmful UV-B. It is available with a thin blue resin coating on one side only.

DECKFORM® steel conforms to relevant Australian Standards AS/NZS 1365:1996 (R2016) and AS 1397:2021 and is backed by BlueScope warranties based on the zinc coating mass. DECKFORM® steel with a zinc coating mass of Z350 may attract a 10-year warranty1 while a coating mass of Z450 may attract a 15-year warranty1.

For other product and technical information, please refer to BlueScope Technical Bulletin TB-29 and the DECKFORM® steel datasheet.

  1. Warranty subject to exclusions, application, and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your product for the warranty, please visit the BlueScope warranty website or contact us on 1800 800 789.