BlueScope produces a range of REDCOR® weathering steel from structural applications such as bridges to non-structural applications such as façade, screen, sculptures or noise wall barrier. 

REDCOR® weathering steel develops a stable oxide layer on the surface of the steel known as the ‘patina’. When detailed correctly and exposed to alternating wet and dry conditions the colour of the patina changes organically over time giving it it’s striking and unique identity.

Further details regarding the formation of the patina and the correct use of REDCOR® steel are available in BlueScope’s Technical Bulletin No.26.

There are two chemistry types of REDCOR® steel, product grade with an “A” suffix and product grade with a “B” suffix.  Type “A”  is manufactured with a higher Phosphorous content to improve weathering resistance for light gauge plate and is typically used in facades and architectural applications.  The “B” suffix material is made with lower Phosphorous levels in order to improve the weldability of the steel for structural applications such as bridges.


Weathering steel has been used since the 1930’s and when designed and detailed correctly, taking into account the environmental factors that govern its use, it has exhibited corrosion resistance.

The enhanced corrosion resistance means that these steels can be used without the need of expensive paint systems. Reducing the need for paint systems can significantly lower both the initial fabrication costs and the ongoing maintenance costs for bridges compared to painted bridges made from conventional structural steel. Therefore, the likely reduction in ongoing maintenance costs may lead to weathering steel bridges having a lower life cycle cost, making weathering steels the lower cost alternative for your project.

A summary of the weathering steels available for structural applications include

Brand Grade Thick (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
REDCOR® steel WR350B 10-80 1600-3000 4-18

Walling and Architectural Features

REDCOR® weathering steel allows you to bring the natural outback look and feel to the city and into your project.  It evokes images that many readily associate with Australia such as the red Australian outback and celebrates the history of the Australian landscape.

On architectural features such as facades and screens REDCOR® weathering steel may be perforated to show different patterns, shapes and sizes providing the flexibility to add an architectural twist and maximise natural light.

The colour changing over time makes it an attractive feature for your next project.

 A summary of the weathering steels available include

Brand Grade Thick (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
REDCOR® steel CW300A 0.7 - 2 1155-1250 -
HW350A (coil plate) 3 - 10 1155-1250 4-12
HW350A (coil) 3 - 10 1155-1250 -