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The Australian Institute of Architects launches its new website, a portal that offers a wide range of info about architects and architecture.
Australian Institute of Architects
Victoria's first eight-star energy rated InsulLiving home nears completion.
BlueScope is proud to be the principal sponsor of the 2014 Manufacturers' Monthly Endeavour Awards. The sponsorship forms part of BlueScope's ongoing commitment to manufacturing in Australia and continued focus on servicing and promoting our domestic customers. The awards will be held on May 13 2014 and acknowledges Australian manufacturers who display excellence and innovation in their work. For further information on the 2014 Endeavour Awards and the award categories visit
Manufacturer's Monthly
WA Institute members asked to showcase excellence in creativity by designing and coordinating the construction of the Architext pop-up bookshop for the 2014 National Architecture Conference. Inspired by the Western Australian landscape, the design will need to feature COLORBOND® steel’s new range of colours: Basalt®, Wallaby®, Gully™, Cove™, Mangrove® and Terrain®. Entries close 7 April 2014.
Australian Institute of Architects
Connection Magazine's Summer edition have a ‘Smart Roof Australia’ feature addressing common roofing challenges and tips and tricks for installing a steel roof. Check out some of the advice in the News section.
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