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BlueScope’s COLORBOND® Metallic steel’s colour appears to change throughout the day... it has a dynamic effect as the sun passes over it.

School sports facility transcends the ordinary

Used to excelling at sports and games, the students of Mazenod College have a new sports facility that surpasses its utilitarian brief to become a triumphant centrepiece for the entire school, by harnessing wall cladding made from BlueScope's COLORBOND® Metallic steel.
Project  |  Education
The COLORBOND® Metallic steel colour Aries® – a rich, deep red with a touch of theatrical brilliance – plays a starring role in Newman College's Marist Auditorium.

COLORBOND® Metallic steel plays starring role

The COLORBOND® Metallic steel colour Aries® - a rich, deep red with a touch of theatrical brilliance- plays a starring role in this new performing arts venue.
Project  |  Education
BlueScope COLORBOND® steel has played a prominent role as cladding for Kirwan State High School’s new building, which provides a new visual identity and strong street presence for the school.

Queensland school goes from old to bold

BlueScope's new COLORBOND® Metallic steel has played a pivotal role as cladding for a new triple-storey school building that makes a grand statement amongst predominantly older single-storey classrooms.
Project  |  Education
Revised structural standards

Revisions to Structural Steel Standards

This update communicates some important changes to several AS/NZS Structural Steel standards: AS/NZS 3678;  AS/NZS 3679.1 and AS/NZS 3679.2.
Laser Central

TRU-SPEC® steel - Product Range Expansion

BlueScope are expanding the TRU-SPEC® steel product range to include HA250 16mm and HA350 10mm and 12mm
TRU-SPEC® steel - Nepean Metal Products

TRU-SPEC® steel Customer Experience

Stretch levelling process provides a consistently flat and 'memory-free' product, everytime.
Environmental Product Declarations

Environmental Product Declarations

BlueScope's Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) respond to market demands for credible, product-specific environmental information from building owners, architects, design engineers and sustainability specialists who are at the forefront of developing a better built environment for Australia.
Athletic, taut and defined by an origami-inspired roof, Margaret Court Arena provides stellar helicopter views and sublime interiors

Margaret Court Arena

A high-speed 'sun-roof' swathed in COLORBOND® steel in the luxurious custom colour Copper Penny™ is a textbook example of how to become a sports facilities world-beater
Project  |  Community Buildings
A purposefully fragmented steel shell is the hallmark of an idiosyncratic house in the heart of Melbourne's western suburbs.

Cut Paw-Paw House

A series of varyingly clad exposed steel portal frames by Andrew Maynard Architects create a quirky ‘inside-out’ addition to an original timber cottage.
Project  |  Housing
The visual rhythm of the steel blades draws the eye into the south-facing entrance of the building, which is located on a significant gateway site in Wollongong's CBD

West Keira (building 1) Wollongong Central

HDR Rice Daubney conceptualised the facade of this Wollongong shopping centre as a series of craggy, jagged forms evoking the iconic escarpment that runs above the city.
Completed October 2014, NSW
Project  |  Community Buildings
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Victoria's first eight-star energy rated InsulLiving home nears completion.
WA Institute members asked to showcase excellence in creativity by designing and coordinating the construction of the Architext pop-up bookshop for the 2014 National Architecture Conference. Inspired by the Western Australian landscape, the design will need to feature COLORBOND® steel’s new range of colours: Basalt®, Wallaby®, Gully™, Cove™, Mangrove® and Terrain®. Entries close 7 April 2014.
Australian Institute of Architects
Connection Magazine's Summer edition have a ‘Smart Roof Australia’ feature addressing common roofing challenges and tips and tricks for installing a steel roof. Check out some of the advice in the News section.
Building Connection