Available in 33 section sizes in thicknesses between 5mm and 25mm with either a Precision Machined Edge (up to 12mm thick) or a Thermal Cut Edge (16, 20, 25mm) offering key benefits in terms of fabrication and handling.

Flexible length options are also available for up to 12mm thick product. All BlueScope EMBAR® steel including 16, 20 and 25mm in thickness are manufactured to the relevant Standard.

Precision Machined Edge

BlueScope EMBAR® steel with Precision Machined Edge available on product up to 12mm thickness. The Precision Machined Edge of BlueScope EMBAR® steel is machined and deburred. This means:

  • No burr or sharp edge
  • Edge is square and flat

This provides benefits such as improved “fit-up” (alignment) of components for welding, and improved product handling.