BlueScope’s produces two Cold Rolled, vitreous enamelling products which are skin passed with deep and extra deep drawing capability.

Vitreous enamelling applications include stove liners, heaters, bath tubs and architectural panels are all applications where vitreous enamelling is utilised.  Key attributes of these products include excellent weldability, formability and bending.

A summary of BlueScope’s Cold Rolled vitreous enameling products include

Product Applicable Australian Standard Thickness Range (mm)1 Surface Finish2 Edge Condition3 Dimensional Tolerances4 Certification
CV2S1 ASNZS 1365 0.5mm - 3.2mm Cold Rolled, Skin Passed, Oiled Trimmed Edge AS/NZS 1365 Mechanical Properties Only
CV4S2 ASNZS 1365 0.75mm - 1.6mm Cold Rolled, Skin Passed, Oiled  Trimmed Edge AS/NZS 1365 Mechanical Properties Only
  1. Not all thickness and width combination are available – refer to product datasheets.
  2. The option of oiled or dry surface may be available.
  3. Trimmed Edge or Mill Edge may be available.
  4. A Class thickness, width and flatness are the normal supply condition. B Class thickness, width and flatness may be available by negotiation.
For all the details relating to the products please see the relevant datasheet below