You can rely on ZINC Hi - TEN® products which have been specifically designed to meet your fabricating performance needs with guaranteed yield strengths and excellent welding and painting.

They provide the perfect range of features to ensure your light gauge structural requirements are met. Typical applications include posts and rail fencing, silos and many other structural applications. 

The standard coating class is Z275, however BlueScope provide a range of coating classes to best meet your corrosion resistance requirements, from Z200 right through to Z600. Further, the range of ZINC HI-TEN products have yield strengths which range between 450MPa and 550MPa. They also feature passivated surface treatment, and excellent welding and painting properties.

The product range consists of

ZINC HI-TEN G450 and G450S steels

  • Guaranteed minimum yield strength of 450 MPa
  • Thickness range 1.5mm - 3.5mm

ZINC HI-TEN G500 and G500S steels

  • Guaranteed minimum yield strength of 500 MPa
  • Thickness range 1.001mm - 1.499mm

ZINC HI-TEN G550 and G550S steels

  • Guaranteed minimum yield strength of 550 MPa
  • Thickness range 0.3mm - 1mm

For all the details relating to the products please see the relevant datasheet below.