GALVABOND® steel (G2 and G2S)

GALVABOND® steel G2 and G2S are produced in a continuous hot dip zinc-coating process and have been specifically designed to satisfy your general manufacturing requirements with features including a spangled surface and guaranteed minimum elongation properties. GALVABOND® steel G2S is a skin passed product to improve its surface quality. 

A range of different coating masses and pack sizes are available.

Both products strictly adhere to Australian Standards so you can be confident BlueScope GALVABOND® steel will meet your performance expectations.

GALVABOND® steel G2S remains free from fluting for up to three months after zinc-coating (under normal storage conditions). Suitable for general manufacturing purposes including:

  • Partition walling systems
  • Tube formed products
  • Air conditioning ducts and panels
  • Meter boxes, trailers, cable trays
  • Scaffolding, planks, rendering mesh
  • Feeder troughs

Ask by name for BlueScope’s GALVABOND® steel.

For all the details relating to GALVABOND® steel please see the datasheet below.