Since the launch of TRU-SPEC® steel, BlueScope has consistently received positive feedback from customers on their experience. It is these experiences that reinforce the strength and quality of TRU-SPEC® steel in market. As we receive more and more feedback, we’ll share these customer and market experiences with you and we also look forward to hearing from you.

Product and service enhancement is paramount to BlueScope and we are keen to continue to work with you on further enhancements and new opportunities to help you grow your business. As a result, we are working on expanding the current product range. We’ll be able to share further details on this exciting development over the coming months.


A consistently flat steel product was key to Nepean Metal Products improving their business efficiency. TRU-SPEC® steel delivered on this requirement with Nepean Metal Products now benefiting from these efficiencies.

If you seek further information please speak to your local BlueScope Team*.

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* Your local BlueScope Team consists of a Business Development Manager, Account Coordinator and Product Technical Representative.