BlueScope's commitment to complying with all applicable Australian Standards & Codes for steel products sold on the domestic market, gives businesses and their projects the lowest possible risk profile against performance, warranty and service. For this reason, BlueScope products are recognised and specified as the industry benchmark, giving a number of assurances:

  • they are 100% Australian made and fully traceable to the point of production
  • they conform to all relevant standards
  • they are fully branded and can be easily identified
  • full documentation – including test certificates, data sheets and project warranty – are available

BlueScope guarantees the quality of all steel products and certifies compliance with independently established Standards. Unless otherwise agreed or required by the specification, products are supplied in accordance with the following building codes:

Building Codes: 

Compliance to the Standard is vital as it gives the specifier and purchaser confidence that the material obtained will perform as intended in the design and use phases of the project.

How to ensure compliance: