Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA) Program

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Developed and managed by the Australian Steel Institute (ASI), Steel Sustainability Australia (SSA) is responsible for a sustainability certification program that engages the entire steel value chain by certifying downstream steel businesses, including fabricators and roll formers.

SSA does not certify steel manufacturers, however, it is designed to identify steel manufacturing mill suppliers that comply with the requirements of SSA Credit 4.1 by assessing the environmental and social impact of their steelwork manufacturing and processing operations. Downstream steel businesses are required to demonstrate that they source their steel from verified suppliers (steel manufacturers).

BlueScope’s Australian Steel Products Manufacturing & Port Kembla Steelworks is proud to be a SSA verified steel manufacturing mill supplier.

How can BlueScope's SSA verification enhance value for downstream businesses such as fabricators and roll formers?

A number of BlueScope products are verified as meeting best practice responsible production requirements (SSA Credit 4.1) in the manufacturing of semi-finished steel products. This can support fabrication and downstream processing businesses seeking SSA certification to demonstrate that they are sourcing their steel feedstock from steelmakers that meet best practice requirements to ensure responsible production.

For further information, please see BlueScope's SSA Verified Supplier certificate.

SSA and Green Star

SSA certification is recognised under the Responsible Products Framework. Products supplied by steel fabricators and downstream processors with SSA Level 3 certification are recognised as “Best Practice Products”, while those that achieve SSA Level 2A and Level 2B certifications are considered “Good Practice Products”. BlueScope’s Environmental Product Declarations can support the achievement of Levels 2A and 3.

A number of BlueScope products have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and GreenRate™ Level A certification, and all are made from steel manufactured at Port Kembla Steelworks, a ResponsibleSteel™ certified site. All of these are recognised initiatives within the Green Star rating tools and may contribute to a project’s Green Star rating through the Responsible Products credits, provided proof of certification is included in the Green Star submission.

To find out more about how BlueScope steel products may support Green Star™ certification, see our Green Star™ article.

To request an EPD for a product currently not covered under the SSA program, please contact BlueScope Steel Direct.


Published Date

June 2024