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Technical Bulletin TB 31 - COLORBOND® Intramax® steel for coolroom panels

This Technical Bulletin outlines the guidelines for installation and good practice relating to coolrooms.

Technical Bulletin TB 32 - Impact of hail damage to exterior BlueScope coated steel products

This Technical Bulletin provides a general description of the typical effects of hail stones on exterior BlueScope coated steel products including COLORBOND® prepainted steel, SUPERDURA® Stainless prepainted steel and ZINCALUME® aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy-coated steel.

Technical Bulletin TB 33 - ZINCALUME® steel and zinc-coated steel in high temperature and food contact applications

This Technical Bulletin provides information relating to the use of ZINCALUME® steel and zinc-coated steel in high temperature and food contact applications.

Technical Bulletin TB 34 - Steel Building Frames

This Technical Bulletin has been written to assist designers, builders and homeowners to realise the benefits of frames made from TRUECORE® aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy-coated steel.

Technical Bulletin TB 35 - Australian Salt Marine Classifications

This Technical Bulletin is intended to provide guidance with respect to classification of various salt marine environments.

Technical Bulletin TB 36 Guide to Good Practice - Steel Roofing and Photovoltaic/Solar Panels

This Technical Bulletin relates to the installation of framed PV panels mounted above steel roofing.

Technical Bulletin TB 37 - Prevention of sunscreen damage

This Technical Bulletin outlines the prevention of sunscreen damage to COLORBOND® steel paint systems.

Technical Bulletin TB 38 - Effect of Touch-up Paint

This Technical Bulletin outlines the effects of touch-up paint on prepainted products like COLORBOND® steel.

Technical Bulletin TB 39 - Thermal performance of roofing materials

This Technical Bulletin provides residential home decision makers with an overview of some of the key considerations when choosing roofing materials and how COLORBOND® steel roofing can assist.

Technical Bulletin TB 40 - Guide to good practice - BlueScope coated steel products in exterior walling applications

The purpose of this Technical Bulletin is to highlight some key areas for consideration when designing, installing, or maintaining BlueScope coated steel products specifically in exterior walling applications.

Technical Note - REDCOR® steel: Guidance on the Welding of Weathering Steels

This Technical Note describes the general precautions and consumable requirements for the welding of REDCOR® weathering steel grades.

Technical Summary - Revised Structural Steel Standards

Covers changes to standards: AS/NZS 3678, AS/NZS 3679.1 and AS/NZS 3679.2 (released April 2016)

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