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BlueScope Steel Product Solutions for Bushfire Areas - NASH Bushfire Standard

A guide to the general application of TRUECORE® steel for framing and COLORBOND® steel for roofing, walling, fascia and guttering when buildings are designed using the NASH Standard for Steel Framed Construction in Bushfires Areas.

COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel Arup Summary Report: Microclimate Study

This study compared COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel and COLORBOND® steel in the colour Surfmist® to standard ZINCALUME® steel for a 5,000 m2 shopping centre roof. This has provided a more detailed understanding of the thermal interactions in large-scale roofs.

COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel Brochure

Low solar absorptance steel for roofing

COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel Case Study - Cool roof energy savings

Study predicts cool roof energy savings underestimated.

COLORBOND® steel - Colour Chart for Building Professionals

Discover the core range of COLORBOND® steel colours – encompassing pale, mid and deep tones.

COLORBOND® steel - Contemporary Sheds Colour Chart

This colour chat provides a guide on the core colours available for Sheds using COLORBOND® steel.

COLORBOND® steel - Cool Roofing Colours For Building Professionals

The COLORBOND® steel cool roofing colours bring together a number of BlueScope's proprietary coatings and manufacturing technologies whilst offering a higher level of thermal performance.

COLORBOND® steel - Fencing Inspiration Colour Chart

Be inspired by COLORBOND® steel colours designed to reflect the natural Australian landscape and bring a renewed sense of sanctuary to backyards.

COLORBOND® steel - Inspired Homes Colour Chart

This colour chart lets you discover just what’s possible when building a home using COLORBOND® steel

COLORBOND® steel - Renovations and Additions Colour Chart

This colour chart lets you discover just what’s possible when renovating a home using COLORBOND® steel

BlueScope Online Warranty Flyer

Your warranty provides you with peace of mind, especially when it's backed by BlueScope.

Product Sustainability Attributes Flyer - COLORBOND® steel for roofing and walling

Includes circular thinking, Green Star, cool roofing and ResponsibleSteel™.

Product Sustainability Attributes Flyer - TRUECORE® steel

Includes circular thinking, Green Star, responsible sourcing and ResponsibleSteel™.

Product Sustainability Information - COLORBOND® steel for roofing and walling

Includes circular thinking and resilience, embodied carbon and climate action, credentials and certifications, cooler roofing for housing, Green Star and sustainability at BlueScope.

Product Sustainability Information - TRUECORE® steel light gauge steel framing

Includes circular thinking and resilience, embodied carbon and climate action, resource efficiency, fire performance, credentials and certifications, Green Star and sustainability at BlueScope.

REDCOR® weathering steel Product Brochure

REDCOR® weathering steel for bridges and other structural applications.

REDCOR® weathering steel: HERA Design Guide - Weathering Steel Design Guide for Bridges in Australia

Design Guide prepared by Heavy Engineering and Research Association (HERA) of NZ and Opus International Consultants. Provides a collation of the necessary guidance for the Australian industry to assist with the efficient and appropriate application of weathering steels in Australian bridges. It also provides guidance to achieve the expected performance of weathering steel in Australian bridges, to realise the planned lifespan of the bridges.

ResponsibleSteel™ certification Port Kembla Steelworks - Building Sustainable Futures

ResponsibleSteel™ is the industry’s first global multi-stakeholder standard and certification program. It has been designed to ensure customers, stakeholders and consumers can be confident that the steel they use has been sourced and produced responsibly.

TRUECORE® steel framing brochure for builders

The key to a beautifully finished build is the way it starts.

Welded Beams and Columns Product Brochure

Welded Beams and Columns product information including grades, lengths, dimensions, properties, and tolerances.

XLERPLATE® steel Size Schedules

Size schedule tables showing XLERPLATE® steel sizes available from BlueScope in a given grade and edge condition.

XLERPLATE® steel Lasercut 250 Product Update

Structural steel grade produced on a plate mill specifically designed for laser cutting.

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