Structural damage as a result of termite activity is a common threat to properties in northern Victoria and southern NSW, particularly in rural and urban fringes. Hugh Cameron, owner of prominent cropping and sheep and cattle stud The Yanko Merino, knows all too well of the damage that a termite infestation can cause, with the roof structure of his property having to be replaced as a consequence of extensive termite damage.

When faced with the real potential of having their heritage listed property in picturesque Jerilderie collapse due to the termite damage to the roof's structure, the Cameron family, under the guidance of builder and steel frame and truss supplier F.A.D Steel, chose to replace the damaged timber frame with a frame made from TRUECORE® steel due to its 100 per cent termite resistance and design for Australian conditions.

Dennis Sutton, General Manager of F.A.D Steel in Tocumwal, NSW, advised Mr Cameron that as the roof frame is a key element of the home's structure it needed to be strong and durable. As it was built in a termite prone area the threat of a second attack was also likely. Dennis and his team were able to custom measure the existing termite eaten trusses and design the exact trusses made from TRUECORE® steel to replace the termite damaged trusses. This also allowed them to roll the pre-punched trusses ready to assemble in their factory and deliver to the site in a flat pack which reduced on site construction and material wastage.

Talking on the benefits of using TRUECORE® steel in the project, Dennis notes: "The cost saving of using TRUECORE® steel compared to pulling the whole roof apart and continually treating the timber for termites was a major factor in the decision to retrofit the steel trusses.

"Using light weight steel frames made fromTRUECORE® steel meant that we were able to pre fabricate off site and flat pack the trusses for transport to the property. TRUECORE® steel also provides the owners longevity of the product and 100 per cent termite proofing for the life of the project."

The result for Hugh Cameron is more security in the knowledge that his roof is supported by 100 per cent termite proof TRUECORE® steel: "FAD steel were able to insert steel frame trusses without removing the entire roof, giving us the peace of mind of a termite proof structure. Going forward this will mean savings on annual treatment and costly repairs."

While also ensuring that the termite problem won't return, steel roof frames made from TRUECORE® steel remain straight and true so they won't warp, twist, sag or shrink over time. The Cameron family now have the security that comes with having a property that uses TRUECORE® steel, as it is manufactured by BlueScope Steel and tested in Australia for Australian conditions.

Since its introduction to the market almost 50 years ago, steel framing has increased in distribution and demand and is now widely used as an alternative to the more traditional timber frames. Many of Australia's largest and most successful builders, manufacturers and building solutions companies now supply steel framing as standard as it is widely available and made in Australia to Australian standards – a benefit for everyone.