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Saddle Style Dormer Vent
Fielders Steel Roofing SA, NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, NT, ACT

Fielders Saddle Style Dormer Vent

Take a look through Fielders range of dormer vents, gable vents and other variety vents and see how they can enhance your designs. Fielders have been making vents for the last century, and as such, have a vast range of classic and modern styles to suit existing structures or nouveau specifications. Just see the effect our 1912 Prince Alfred dormer can have when it crowns a roof line. Vent your creative urges with Fielders Vents.

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Fielders Saddle Style Dormer Vent CAD file

Fielders Saddle Style Dormer Vent CAD file front view 600mm x 300mm.

Rainheads and Vents brochure

Add style and sophistication with Fielders rainheads and vents.
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