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SC400 Lysaght SupaCee® profile
Lysaght ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA

SC150 LYSAGHT SupaCee® profile

The LYSAGHT SUPAPURLIN® profiles consist of a LYSAGHT SupaZed® and SupaCee® profile. These SUPAPURLIN are an advancement of the traditional Zed and Cee profiles. The benefits of the traditional Zed and Cee profiles are retained, however there are substantial added benefits of the new LYSAGHT SupaZed® and SupaCee® purlin profiles.The features of the traditional purlins that are the same in the SUPAPURLIN® shapes are:

  • Single web
  • Top & Bottom flange. The Cee profile has equal flanges. The Zed profile has the flanges facing in opposite direction and one flange is "wide" and one is "narrow" to allow lapping.
  • Lip stiffeners at the free end, or extremity, of the flange. These lips point back towards the centre of the profile.

Improved Performance

The efficiency of the SUPAPURLIN profiles delivers significant savings. Performance improvements can be achieved over traditional zed and cee purlin designs, when using LYSAGHT SupaZed® and LYSAGHT SupaCee® Purlins. The result is increased purlin spacing, increased purlin spans (frame or rafter spacing) and fewer rows of bridging.

Please Note: When comparing the capacity of LYSAGHT® purlins with other purlin profiles care needs to be exercised. Comparisons can only be successfully completed when a "like-for-like" comparison is made. Differences can result from a number of reasons such as the selection of design parameters for;

  • Cleat restraints, cladding restraints
  • Bridging location
  • Profile dimensions
  • Lap length


  • Manufactured in NSW, QLD and SA, availability in other states is on an application basis
  • Purlins should be stored off the ground and on a slight slope so that water can drain away
  • Purlins should be stored off the ground and on a slight slope so that water can drain away
  • Direct contact of incompatible material with coating should be avoided. In such applications, suitable paint systems should be obtained from paint manufacturers
  • Consider orientation of Zed and Cee purlins in relation to possible build-up of substances such as dust or grain
  • Special transport requirements are needed for lengths over 12000mm
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