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Ainsworth OG Gutter
Fielders Steel Roofing SA, NSW, VIC, QLD, NT, ACT

Fielders Ainsworth OG Gutter

The Fielders O.G. Gutter System provides the Builder, or the home owner with a stylish continous length gutter in a traditional profile with modern design benefits:

  • The high front conceals the bottom of the roof tiles or corrugated steel.
  • Larger storm water carrying capacity, to handle severe stormwater run off, wide base allows easy fitting of downpipes.
  • Save on maintenance costs with prepainted steel.
  • Extensive colour range to choose from.
  • Watergate gutter guard fits easily.
  • Your choice of internal or external brackets. Easily installed on the Fielders Steel Fascia System.
  • Sturdy easyfix mitres and stop ends allow for easy installation.
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