Create specifications online with SpecWriter. The tool that previously resided on SteelSelect has received a revamp and now includes a new graphical panel to make the process quicker and more user friendly.

The tool assists design professional in creating an accurate specification that contains the correct material properties. The specification can easily be copied and pasted into your specification template or one of the BlueScope steel branded worksections provided by Natspec.

How to create a specification

SpecWriterSpecWriter is included on the building and construction product pages. To begin a search for products listed on steel.com.au, search a product category from the 'applications' modules listed below.

SpecWriter From the Product page, select 'SpecWriter' from the navigation bar or scroll to the SpecWriter panel.

SpecWriter The SpecWriter panel displays the material choices available, select a material to activate.

Select fields e.g. gauge, coating and colour (if only one choice is available this will be set by default). Complete the process by clicking the 'create spec' icon.


The results panel will display the specification based on your selection. Copy and paste the specification into your specification template.