In business, your reputation is everything. Minimising risk for you and your client makes good business sense. A BlueScope Steel warranty will provide confidence that in the unlikely event there is a problem, your reputation and your client's investment will be protected.

Bluescope Steel's warranties reflect the resources, investment & knowledge that goes into the development and production of each of its bare and painted steel products. Extensive testing ensures long lasting performance & adherence to applicable Australian standards & is reflected in fair & realistic warranties.

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Warranty Estimator

  • Whether you are in the design stage of a project or have completed the build, our online warranty estimator tool makes it easy to get the right warranty for your project needs.

Warranty Checklist

  • Things you need to know before you begin the BlueScope Steel warranty or pre-approved warranty application process.

Registering for Warranties

Pre-approved warranties give you & your client confidence warranties have been initiatied. They are valid for 18 months prior to project completion, giving you flexibility if any changes occur during that time.

Material Warranties  

Sample Warranties

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